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I have compiled this list that will ensure that you ask the right questions to who ever you book to DJ at your wedding, I hope that it will ensure that your wedding night receives the very best DJ for your special.

Ok here we go…

  • Will you be the DJ for my wedding, this is a big one, you really do not want some 20 year old kid who is great in clubs but has no idea how to work a wedding crowd, so find out exactly who will be playing at your wedding night.


  • How may weddings have you done – again this one is really important as you will find that every DJ has had to play at weddings where no and I mean no one wanted to get up on the dance floor, experience matters, so it is always good to check and see how many gigs your wedding DJ has done.


  • Is this your only job ?  sometimes you will find that some wedding DJ’s might have another job, now lets say your wedding reception starts at 8pm do you really want someone who has just completed 10 hour shift and then drove another 60 minutes just to get to your gig and set up ?


  • What is your style of Djing? every DJ has there own taste of music, that taste might not be your taste or your guest taste, yes of course they can play the wedding reliables but if that is the case all that you need to do is hire a sound rig and plug in an iphone.


  • do you provide a playlist?  i always provide a playlist, I will stick to it as much as possible, but if the dance floor is not happening then I will change it to get a feel of what everyone wants.


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