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We are thrilled to have been voted best wedding band in Edinburgh by the voters of one fab wedding band, what we would like to do is thank everyone who voted for us. Thank you.

We played in some amazing venues and would like to thank brides and grooms for voting for us as the best wedding band in Edinburgh region.

A live band is certainly one of one’s most significant factors to consider when you might be a wedding or special occasion manager, or perhaps even when you are quite simply planning a college graduation bash or private celebration.

A Celebration of Wedding Music

You can find different ways you can do this even so the most fashionable must be typically a DJ or even a live wedding band. Live music can certainly help provide some life and fun into your occasion, however what precisely should a person look for before employing one of these music groups? Straight away begin exploring the numerous live wedding bands Edinburgh & Glasgow has to select from.

The most effective sort of live band to perform during weddings have a tendency to be wedding bands given that they have fun playing a wide variety of songs and styles. Whilst hunting for wedding bands on the internet you need to narrow the search results right down purely by being really precise with your criteria. This is simply because that there is countless live bands and music players in Scotland, but you primarily want to go through the bands which may have expertise in weddings. You ought to want to discover a live band which can cater for wedding receptions specifically.

It could actually end up becoming much easier than you think to discover a suitable wedding band Scotland. Browsing with Google or Yahoo may well be the most effective method to identify a wedding band Scotland. It is advisable to keep the keyword phrases rather concise, for instance ‘wedding bands scotland’ or perhaps ‘wedding band Edinburgh & Glasgow’ using this method you will just be viewing wedding bands within driving distance.

Usually the top wedding bands would like to work together with you, and so it will be well worth enquiring if you could have a look at them playing live. They are able to customize their set to fit your specifications, even if this necessitates learning some brand-new tracks to perform at your special occasion. rehearsing song requests is frequently rewarding for the band simply because it could help them enhance their set-list.

Generally it is best to discover how experienced your wedding band are. As an example how long have the wedding band been playing alongside one another? You should be able to read their musician’s together with band biogs within their web pages. This will give you a sense of how effective they actually are.

Scottish Wedding bands

We are familiar with getting to grips with a first dance and so don’t be hesitant about asking them to practice a brand-new tune or two, let’s face it it is your wedding not the band’s!.
It’s normally not as challenging as you may foresee finding a decent wedding band Scotland. Browsing with Google or Yahoo may perhaps be the most effective method to find a wedding band Scotland. It’s advisable to keep your search words really concise, for example ‘wedding bands scotland‘ or ‘wedding band Edinburgh & Glasgow’ this way you’ll just be looking at wedding bands near you.

Typically their website will have a song list. Take time to go through the songs and make sure they will be covering a large selection of musical tastes. Keep in mind that there’ll be wedding guests of all ages and so it is essential that the band will suit all of your guests song tastes. Ensure you will be hiring a band that will interest almost all the wedding guests at your wedding and reception. Try to determine the average age group ranges of your friends and relatives. Then you should use that important information to pick out the most suitable wedding band in Scotland.

What’s the best way to find out if they’re suited to you individually? I can offer you some suggestions to help you on your way. Generally the wedding bands will have a facebook and / or myspace featuring videos and MP3s.
Take the time to study past customer’s testimonies and feedback, and take a look at the sorts of locations they have performed at recently. Often they will be taking part in wedding band showcases, creating the chance to enjoy the band playing live along with several other wedding bands Scotland.

Making the ideal preference of wedding bands is equally as significant as deciding on the location of your wedding. You should make certain that the venue you have chosen for your wedding holds a live music license. This is especially important before you spend money on the venue or else pay a first deposit to the wedding band.

Email the band’s boss close to a week or two ahead of the wedding party to confirm the last points. You could find out about dress code, the 1st song as well as check out the repertoire as you will want to be certain that everything is as you wish it to be.

Please be also aware that your band may well have journeyed a long way to perform, so ensure that you provide them with food and drink and make sure they have the schedule of events when they arrive.